Start date
Duration (weeks)
3 times per week
Number of students
Saratov, Russia
Tankistov, 37
Students of 3−5 course and graduates with higher IT education
Expected audience
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Basic description

Software Testing is a never-ending struggle for quality. It is the work of a software testing engineer that often makes out end user happiness.

Required skills

- Technical English - Reading and understanding of technical documentation,

- English level at least Pre-Intermediate,

- Bases of SQL- Understanding and ability to explain what is databases. Understanding of elementary actions with single table and its data (Select/Insert/Update/Delete/Join). Ability to write simple queries,

- Bases of Windows OS- OS installation from scratch, configuration of language, time, updates. Installation and uninstallation of programs and devices. Work with file systems. Work with files and drives.Security settings,

- Concept of network and basic work experience with it (IP address, DNS, DHCP),

- Work with the registry. Work with a command line.Basic experience with web technologies. Knowledge of MS Outlook and modern web browsers, ability to work with them. Concept of HTML, XML. Basic terms. Structure and main components.Basic experience of programming.

Training details

The program gives knowledge and practical skills that are up to the job of a software testing engineer at the industrial level: 

- Industrial process of software production,

- Software testing,

- Technological aspects of software testing.