Start date
Duration (weeks)
2-3 times per week
Number of students
Lviv, Ukraine
Eligible candidates are students of 4rd (and higher) years of studying technical specialties, graduates, postgraduates. Experience will be a plus.
Expected audience
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Basic description

DevOps is at the intersection of providing stable flow of product development, management of dynamic Cloud solutions and development acceleration.

Required skills

  • understanding of the network and TCP / IP;
  • basic knowledge of the theory of maintaining operating systems and production apps;
  •  basic knowledge of the Linux and Windows administration
  • basic skills in command line Linux configuration;
  • the experience of system administration will be plus;
  • English level B1 and higher;
  • students of 3rd (and higher) years of studying technical specialties, graduates, postgraduates;
  • ability to work in the team.

Training details

The testing period includes computer testing (45-60 minutes) with English level assessment and HR interview (30 minutes).

Registration deadline: December 14th

Please note, that the program’s Start Date may change. 

Selection period will change accordingly. 

Please follow the program details. 

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