Start date
Duration (weeks)
every business day, 10 am -18 pm
Number of students
Kyiv, Ukraine
EPAM office
Eligible candidates are students of higher courses, graduates, post-graduates.
Expected audience
Basic description

.NET is a powerful Microsoft platform for developing applications of any level of complexity. It is flexible, easy to learn, and commonly used.

Required skills

  1. Data types, value types VS reference types
  2. OOP in C#
  3. Abstract classes and interfaces
  4. Exceptions
  5. Strings
  6. Collections, Generics
  7. Delegates, Events
  8. Multithreading
  9. SQL
  10. LINQ
  11. Web applications

Nice to have:

  1. C# and CLR, assemblies and Garbage Collector
  2. Regular expressions
  3. XML
  4. ADO.NET
  5. Entity Framework
  6. Application architecture, Design Patterns
  7. Service-oriented architecture
  8. Front-end in ASP.NET Web API
  9. JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks

Required minimum English level - Intermediate ( B1) 

Training details

University program .Net Camp consists of only one stage:

  • Pre-Production laboratory at EPAM (full-time, from 3 till 6 months).

In case of successful completion of all program stages, the candidate will be offered Junior position in the company.

Group Selection also three stages:

  • Computer technical test ( 30-60 minutes);
  • Non-technical Interview with Recruiter (up to 30 minutes);
  • Technical Interview (60 minutes).

Registration period till December 21st, 12 pm 

Testing period December 10th - 14th 

Interview period December 17th - 28th

Approximate .Net Camp group start date January 8th

Please note, that the program’s Start Date may change. Selection period will change accordingly. Please follow the program details.

You can apply for this program now, but you will get test invitation before the testing period.

For up-to-date information please follow us at