Start date
Duration (weeks)
2-3 times per week
Number of students
Lviv, Ukraine
Eligible candidates are students of 2nd (and higher) years of studying technical specialties, graduates, postgraduates. Experience will be a plus.
Expected audience
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Basic description

Data Engineering is working with data and Big Data: programming of data collecting, storing, processing, searching and visualization.

Required skills

- The level of written and spoken English – B1 and higher;

- Analytical thinking and ingenuity in solving non-standard tasks;

- Confident knowledge of algorithms and data structures, OOP, database experience;

- Programming skills in any language.

Training details

University programs consist of 3 stages:

·       Online Part (1 month);

·        Classes at the universities we work with (up to 3months);

·        Pre-Production laboratory at EPAM (from 3 till 6 months).

Group Selection also has two stages:

·        Computer technical test ( 30-60 minutes);

·        Interview with Recruiter (up to 30 minutes).

Registration for online part is opened until March 10, 2019.  Note! Registration is extended during online part.

Online Part:  March 10-April 10

Technical Test: April 11-12

Technical Interview: April 15-19

Approximate training start date: April 22

Please pay attention that you will receive details via mail.

You can apply for this program now, but you will get a test invitation before the testing period.

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