Start date
Duration (weeks)
Classes are held in the evening, 2 - 3 times per week.
Number of students
Kyiv, Ukraine
NTUU "KPI", KNU Shevchenko.
Eligible candidates are university students of higher years of studying, graduates and postgraduates of technical specialties.
Expected audience
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Basic description

Java is one of the top three most popular programming languages and is intended to develop enterprise-level applications.

Required skills

1. Java fundamentals

2. Object Oriented Programming

3. Testing with JUnit4 and JUnit5

4. Version Control System (Git) and project's build (Maven)

5. String processing

6. Exceptions and errors

7. Reading and writing information

8. Logging with Log4j

9. Generic and Collections

10. Java 8 (basic knowledge)

11. Multithreading, Concurrency

12. SQL and JDBС 4.0

13. XML & Json

14. Servlets and JSP

16. Sessions, Filters, Events

Training details

Educational Group start date is April 1st.  

Registration has been prolonged until March 18th, 12-00 pm.

Group Selection also has several stages:

  • Online English test in profile (20 minutes);
  • Offline Computer technical test ( 30-60 minutes);
  • Non-Technical Interview with Recruiter (up to 30 minutes).

The invitation to computer technical test will be sent to you if the result of  English test is sufficient for further selection participation (A2+ minimum). 

English test can be retaken only one more time.

University program consists of two stages:

  • Classes at the universities we work with (up to 3months);
  • Pre-Production laboratory at EPAM (full-time, from 3 till 6 months).

In case of successful completion of all program stages, the candidate will be offered Junior position in the company.

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