EPAM Systems announces free courses for those who want to become an IT professionals in Linux operating systems. By the end of education, all participants will get knowledge and skills for working and development in Linux environment. Best students will have a chance to join to largest Linux development society in Belarus - Low Level Programming Department of the EPAM Systems. **Content:** **LDC: Environment:** 1. Linux essentials. 2. Bash scripting. 3. Linux development toolchain. **LDC: Programming:** 1. Development language: Python. 2. Development language: C. Invited students of 4-5 courses, IT majors. **Desirable Requirements:** 1. Have an understanding of networking and TCP / IP. 2. Basic knowledge of the theory of building operating systems. 3. Basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms. 4. Reading technical books in English.

Область применения Linux гораздо больше, чем у других ОС. Она используется не только на персональных компьютерах, но и на серверах, встраиваемых системах, "умной" технике, мобильных устройствах и суперкомпьютерах.