.NET: materials for self-study. Part 2 – resources for better understanding of .NET
7 Feb 2023

In the first part of publications devoted to .NET we've shared resources essential for basic understanding of this area of programming and preparation for preliminary technical interview for training program. And now, for those who want to dig deeper into the subject, we would like to share some additional resources.


  • CLR via C# – this book is considered to be a classic programming textbook, it provides with a thorough grounding in C# and offers guidance on difficult development concepts. 
  • C# 10 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference – this bestseller is organized around concepts and use cases of C# and .NET and will be useful for intermediate and advanced programmers.
  • C#. in Depth, Fourth Edition – a book designed to propel existing C# developers to a higher level of programming skill. 
  • Pro C# with .NET 6 – this expanded 11th edition delivers loads of new content on Entity Framework, Razor Pages, Web APIs and more.
  • Pure C#the book focuses on issues specific to writing programs in the C#, addresses the syntax and program construction methods available to C# programming. 

Websites and manuals

  • Microsoft .NET Guides – extensive interactive guides and tutorials on working in .NET environment, that will help you learn how to write and run your own code.  
  • How to (C#) – the collection of articles where you can find quick answers to common questions about C#. 
  • C# Examples – this website offers simple straightforward code examples, suitable for copy and paste.  


  • ProNetBy – materials and lessons from EPAM Engineers.
  • Nick Chapsas – .NET insights from an experienced engineer.


  • .NET Rocksthe first podcast for .NET developers founded in 2002.
  • .future – a branded podcast from Microsoft, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.

Looking forward to seeing you at our training programs