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Navigating DevOps: A Guide for Career Starters
8 мая, 15:00
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Keen to explore opportunities for starting a career as a DevOps Engineer? Watch our webinar to find out how to start your professional path! 

We will help you dive deeper into Cloud & DevOps, a cutting-edge and rapidly growing field that merges software development with IT operations for more efficient workflows. Understanding DevOps methodology is key to staying ahead in the tech industry, and our event will shed light on its significance and why it's becoming a sought-after skill set.

8 мая
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  • are a talented junior, who is ready to start a career in DevOps; 
  • want to learn more about Cloud & DevOps; 
  • are interested in a DevOps Engineer’s life at EPAM; 
  • are looking for opportunities for growth in DevOps; 
  • are interested in some tried-and-true tips about technical interviews. 
Наши спикеры
Lorinc Andras
Senior Systems Engineer
Anna Pavlovskaya
Lorinc Andras
Senior Systems Engineer
Anna Pavlovskaya
Что ты узнаешь?
Cloud & DevOps in general
Skills of a DevOps Engineer
Common fears of beginners
Steps to jumpstart in Cloud & DevOps