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Beginner's Guide to Careers in Tech
2 окт., 13:00
ქართული ენა
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If you are willing to begin a tech career and seeking guidance on initial steps, attend our workshop! For 1.5 hours of insightful presentation, you will:

  • Explore the tech landscape and its diverse professions
  • Understand the skills employers look for in beginners
  • Obtain valuable tips and insights for entering the tech industry
  • Discover EPAM's educational opportunities

You will also have a chance to win a one-year LinkedIn Learning subscription, granting access to over 5,000 courses to enhance your hard & soft skills.

Please mind that the workshop will be held in Georgian language.

2 окт.
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Наши спикеры
Teimurazi Smoevi
Senior Software Engineer
Irakli Noniashvili
Talent Development Specialist
Ana Akhalaia
Teimurazi Smoevi
Senior Software Engineer
Irakli Noniashvili
Talent Development Specialist
Ana Akhalaia
Что ты узнаешь?
Intro to the tech sphere and its professions
Software development life cycle and its phases
Skills needed for a powerful start
Algorithm to enter the sphere
Educational opportunities within EPAM
Q&A session
Explore before the event

We offer you to investigate these materials prior to the workshop to get a general overview of the current trends in tech and envision your future career.

IT professions:

What are the trending professions? Which one is the best for you? Explore the articles below and find out:

Soft skills:

Every industry is built on people relationships, so soft skills are crucial for levelling up your career. Upgrade your communication techniques and easily make your way to the top:


The English language is what unites the international IT community. Master your skills to accelerate your professional development and open new opportunities:

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