Data Analytics Engineering
Striving to gain market-oriented knowledge and skills to jumpstart your career in IT? Apply for this program and shape your professional path with EPAM experts.
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Program start
December 2023
English, Ukrainian
13 weeks

Together with EPAM experts, you will learn how to transform "raw" data into the information that benefits the business and how to create Data products. During the training, you will gain knowledge in three main areas at once: Development of Databases, Data Warehouses (development and configuration of databases), ETL process (collection of data from many sources, cleaning and bringing data to the required format), Reporting and Visualization (presentation of a huge amount of faceless tabular data in clear graphs for making business decisions). Also, you will master modern cloud services based on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, MS Azure, along with Big Data technologies — Hadoop, ELK stack, Spark, Kafka, and others.

Register by November 27, 2023, 1:00 p.m. Training starts on December 11 and lasts for 3 months. Study format: independent study of materials with homework checks and regular workshops and Q&A sessions.

After the course, the best candidates will have the opportunity to continue their journey in the Data-Laboratory, according to their results, level, skills, and available positions in EPAM.

What is required for training:
  • Perseverance and ingenuity in solving non-standard tasks
  • Basic knowledge of Relational Database Management System (DBMS) theory  
  • Understanding of Structured Query Language (SQL) 
  • Knowledge of OOP
  • Knowledge of programming languages is not required but would be a benefit (Python, JavaScript, C #) 
  • Desired English skills level — B1 and higher
How to get started?
  1. Register on this page. Fill in all the required fields, attach your resume, and receive a confirmation with detailed information on your email or in the notifications section.
  2. Take the English test before the registration deadline. It will be available in your profile on after registration.
  3. Complete the Technical test within 5 days after registration. You can find the test in your profile or on the website
  4. Fill out the Survey (it will be sent to your email after registration).
  5. Expect an email from our team with selection results and an invitation to the group.
  6. Enjoy your learning and do your best to continue your journey with EPAM.
Useful links

Do you want to confidently pass all the qualifying stages? Use the recommended materials for self-training:

  • Data Engineers: Self-Study Materials
  • C. J. Date. Introduction to Database Systems.
  • Ralph Kimball. The data warehouse ETL toolkit — practical techniques for extracting, cleaning, conforming, and delivering data.

To improve your English level, use a selection of content for different levels: English Self-Study Materials

Look for more useful materials, tips, and links for self-training on our social media: Facebook, Telegram

What will you learn?

Participants of this program will be studying for 3 months to master the following topics:

Database Management System

  • DBMS Basics
  • SQL Basics
  • Advanced Databases and SQL Querying
  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL

DWH BI Basics

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL)
  • Implementing ETL with SQL Server Integration Services

Data Quality

Introduction to Python

After completing this stage of training, the best candidates will be able to receive an invitation to the Data Laboratory and continue their journey with EPAM.

Additional details
  1. This educational program is available to Ukrainian citizens currently located within the territory of Ukraine.
  2. The start date of the program may change, so the selection period may be adjusted accordingly. Please regularly check for updates on this page and your email.
  3. This external course is not available to current participants in EPAM University and EPAM-ers. Don't hesitate to reach out to your education coordinator or resource manager for other opportunities.
  4. Considering the limited number of seats in the group, the results of the selection tests will be the decisive factors for admission to the program.
Data Analytics Engineering
December 2023 · 13 weeks
Training · Online
English, Ukrainian
Registration closed

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