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EPAM UpSkill Georgia is a part of the EPAM UpSkill technology bootcamp that works with people who are looking and ready to reinvest in their careers. We connect aspirational technologists with humble, experienced practitioners who provide our students with the tools and information necessary to become successful digital creators. Our programs are beginner-friendly, online programs designed by industry experts that will help you to reach the level of junior .NET developer.


Dive into .NET theory and practice tasks to master .NET coding and build web-based projects and applications. Sign up today and make a change in your career path!

.NET is a versatile platform that can power almost any digital solution. It is commonly used among developers to build web and mobile apps, desktop software, and games. .NET is also known for its efficiency, scalability, and ease of use, making it a very popular choice.

Learning .NET is an excellent way to get started in the technology industry. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft, so you can also expect top-notch support from the experts and a large community of users.

Tuition Plan

The course is ongoing, so you can start to learn anytime

Course language - English

In order to provide a flexible learning experience that meets the needs of our students, the course is taught fully online.

Benefits of our program

Course materials - Our team compiled a great resource of information that is up to date with the latest industry trends and that will help you study and understand one of the most widely used and effective programming languages and frameworks.

Qualified instructors - The course instructors are accomplished experts, practitioners, and full-time employees from EPAM who will share their hard-earned knowledge gained throughout their careers.

Personal mentoring - Understand the material and complete the course material quickly and efficiently with the help of our individual mentors.

EPAM supported - The program created by EPAM that has more that 25 years of experience with research-based education and is the largest employer after the courses completion.

Employment guarantee - We help you prepare for the interviews, tests and applications. You’ll get a 100% tuition back if you don’t get a job in your new field within 6 months after completing the program.

Price and Payment Options

The full cost of the course – 3600 Gel.

*The price is indicated including VAT 18%

You can pay the full price for the course upfront or use a special 0% installment plan offered by TBC Bank.

.NET is an open-source Microsoft platform for developing various solutions. With .NET, you can use multiple languages and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, IoT and more.
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What is required for training:
  • English level B1 (Upper Intermediate) and higher
What will you learn?

Course program

01 Introduction to Computer Science - In this stage you will learn the basis of how computers work and the main principles of algorithm design and how basic computer science concepts are used in IT.

02 Basic programming in C# - You will get familiar with foundation of technological aspects needed for C# programming and learn basic debugging concepts. You will also develop understanding of what C# and .NET Core are, how it works and what to do to make C# projects manageable.

03 C# Advanced - During this block you will cover the use of special language features like classes and interfaces. You’ll learn how to design your programs to be Object Oriented and how to use built—in frameworks.

04 Building WEB apps with ASP.NET core - This course provides the introduction to Web Application Development: possibilities of .NET platform. You’ll go through the essential topics for any web application and learn how to apply them to build simple web interfaces.

05 Capstone Project for your Portfolio - The final task helps you put your skills into practice and cap off your extensive learning program with a project that will be based on a real-life scenario of a developer.


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.NET Development | EPAM UpSkill Georgia
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Registration closed
3600 GEL
*Price includes VAT assessed at 18%
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